Housework Chores For Child


Housework Chores It may seem easier for you to complete all the tasks yourself, but your child will benefit from them. It is important to complete the activities that match your child’s strengths and homework can increase your child’s self-esteem and responsibility. Try to engage your child in your housework and it must be done. Through this you can identify […]


Child Parenting ADHD – Child Development and Parenting

Child Parenting

Child Development and Parenting Doesn’t it hurt when someone labels your child as abnormal? It does, right! We all need to understand what is abnormality after all. When you ask a clinical psychologist, you’ll get to know that abnormality doesn’t necessarily mean mental retardation. It simply means that the thing or the person being called abnormal doesn’t fit well on […]


Learning Disability Evaluation & Assessment Guide

Learning Disability Assessment

What is a Learning Disability? Learning disability experts state that many issues are often faced in the assessment of learning disabilities because of the vagueness that exists in what defines a learning disability. Therefore it is important to understand what a learning disability is and then how it can be identified or assessed in children or adults. This article will […]


Guide to Finding Tutor for Your Special Child

Find Tutor

About 7% of the child population of America is suffering from developmental and other disabilities and around 2.8 million children in America have special needs. When we mention special education in everyday conversation. It is often perceived as education for children with physical or intellectual disabilities.  Although the term covers a vast array of disorders and disabilities under its umbrella. […]