How to Improve Reading Comprehension

Read Slow

Improve Reading Comprehension

Reading with comprehension is a process that involves many skills.  Often we witness that a kid is lazy then other kids then he is smart in other fields.  Why this happens because he has several possible reasons for it. This doesn’t always mean they have reading problems and isn’t as smart as other children. In a case like this kids need more attention or help in the reading of that specific aspect. Here are seven common reasons why children got reading problems.

1. Make Many Mistakes when Reading Words.
Sometimes children read less because they make many mistakes when reading individual words. When they did not understand what they are reading they come back and re-read the words. It can take time and it can also affect their understanding of what they are reading.

2. Teacher Start new Reading Strategies.
Once children got to know the basics of reading. They start giving attention and focused on understanding what they are reading. Especially in the fourth and fifth-year teachers give children many strategies. Some children seem to read more slowly because they practice what they have learned.

3. Difficult to Stay Focused.
Problems with the approach can make children read more slowly. Often kids distracted by noise activity and different thoughts to keep their mental focus. This is also a major reason why they could not give proper attention.

4. Think More About What They are Reading.
Some children read more slowly because they think about what they read. Children with active imagination or with great curiosity can read more slowly than others. But they tend to understand what they read at a high level.

5. Read too Complicated Things.
Reading too complicated texts can delay children. Children need reading material suitable for them. Difficult readers become ashamed to read at a lower level. He should know that everyone has his own strengths and problems and that nobody is good at everything.

6. He wants to Read.
Fear of wrong reading can sometimes slow children down. You have to check what they read to make sure they are doing well without any problem.

7. Problems with Language Skills.
Some children have difficulty processing and understanding the language. This can make it difficult to understand what you are reading. Children should reread or pause to think about what they are reading.

If children read more slowly or worse than other children of their age. This does not mean that they cannot become good readers. He may need some more help, but his reading behavior may improve. If you worried about your child’s reading speed, contact your teacher. Find out if the teacher notices the same thing. And ask if there is a strategy that I can try at home.

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