What is Special Education

Special Education

What is Special Education Special Education is a development program to help students affected by different developmental disabilities. The main idea of special education is to provide every possible resource for the child. So he/she can focus on his educational progress. What Is Idea For Special Education What do you visualize when you thought about special education? You imagine a […]


How to Improve Reading Comprehension

Read Slow

Improve Reading Comprehension Reading with comprehension is a process that involves many skills.  Often we witness that a kid is lazy then other kids then he is smart in other fields.  Why this happens because he has several possible reasons for it. This doesn’t always mean they have reading problems and isn’t as smart as other children. In a case […]


Child Strengths and Weaknesses

Child Strength

Children have many areas of strength and weaknesses. Sometimes these strengths show the natural talent of the kids. Like when the child draws or plays any sports. Some strengths may be more difficult to identify such as nice behave in gathering as well as a good listener. By recognizing and discussing the strengths of a child can help your kid […]


Housework Chores For Child


Housework Chores It may seem easier for you to complete all the tasks yourself, but your child will benefit from them. It is important to complete the activities that match your child’s strengths and homework can increase your child’s self-esteem and responsibility. Try to engage your child in your housework and it must be done. Through this you can identify […]


Child Parenting ADHD – Child Development and Parenting

Child Parenting

Child Development and Parenting Doesn’t it hurt when someone labels your child as abnormal? It does, right! We all need to understand what is abnormality after all. When you ask a clinical psychologist, you’ll get to know that abnormality doesn’t necessarily mean mental retardation. It simply means that the thing or the person being called abnormal doesn’t fit well on […]